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Dec 202017

Very Mysterious Christmas Bundle

Old Friends Annoying Houseguests and Christmas Ghosts - DeAnna Knippling

The Mysterious Gift: Old Friends, Annoying Houseguests, & Christmas Ghosts

It was Christmas Eve when the power went out all across town…

…or most of town.  Anne’s house still had power, running water, flushing toilets, and alcohol.  Guess where all her friends came to celebrate the holidays?

But the evening is stretching on and everyone is bored.  The only solution is an old British tradition…telling ghost stories!

A fun Christmas mystery story with supernatural elements in the tradition of Charles Dickens, John Dickson Carr, and Oscar Wilde.

The Giver: DeAnna Knippling

DeAnna Knippling is a writer, a parent, and an overthinker who boldly paranoids where no one has paranoided before. Her superpower is speed reading. She ghostwrites novels for fun and profit. She has an essay in the award-winning Women Destroy Science Fiction! collection. She has had stories published in Penumbra, Three-Lobed Burning Eye, Black Static, and more. Her latest novel, Alice’s Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts, comes out of her obsession with all things Alice. She writes books for middle-graders as De Kenyon.

Her website is www.WonderlandPress.com.


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