A Remembrance of Flesh: Book 2 of the In-Between

A Remembrance of Flesh: Book 2 of the In-Between

Series: Long Fiction, Book 2
Genre: Horror
Tags: horror, vampire
Publisher: RFAR Publishing
Stuck between human and vampire. Can Sebastian survive both?
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About the Book

Bitten by a vampire, Sebastian Lockhart remains stuck between human and vampire, an In-Between, unable to live in either world.

But even the other In-Betweens view Sebastian as a freak. After a raid on a vampire nest that ends in disaster, the remaining In-Between turn on him, accusing him of working in concert with the vampires.

Now hunted by the In-Between and the vampire clans, Sebastian races to find the legendary book of the first vampire, rumored to provide mastery over the human race.

Will be survive long enough to destroy it? Or will it destroy him?

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