Body of Art

Body of Art

Series: Short Fiction, Book 0
Genre: Horror
Tags: art, horror, painting
Publisher: RFAR Publishing
He sacrificed his life to art. Now he'll sacrifice yours.
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About the Book

Sam Lee, owner of the Lake View Gallery, struggles to make ends meet after the famous Layton Family Gallery opens down the street. Suzanne Layton seems determined to ruin Sam, especially after he refuses her take-over bid.

Frantic as sales plummet, he exhibits some strange, spellbinding art painted by Gloria, a damaged, disturbed woman. When it sells within hours for any price he asks, Sam realizes Gloria’s paintings are his salvation.

Can Sam keep Gloria stable enough to keep painting? Why do her paintings fill him with horror and dreams of blood? How can he keep them from taking over his life even as they save his gallery?

Is his business worth his sanity, for art’s sake?

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