Series: Short Fiction, Book 0
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Tags: horror, science fiction
Publisher: RFAR Publishing
After Pauline is invited to the neighbourhood hide and seek game, she finds herself alone and searching as night falls. Then she finds a bloody hair barrette. Count to ten... And run!
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About the Book

Pauline can’t believe it, she’s been invited to the biggest hide and seek game in the neighbourhood, the one all the cool kids play in! The pressure is on.

As the new kid, Pauline counts to one hundred and starts the hunt. As evening turns to night, Pauline searches the nearby housing construction site but instead of finding any of the other kids, she finds a stray barrette and a broken Yo-Yo.

Where are the kids? How can she win the game?

In the growing darkness, she wonders, are they the only ones play?

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