Mind Hunt

Mind Hunt

Series: Long Fiction, Book 0
Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction
Tags: crime, identity, murder, mystery, science fiction, serial killer
Publisher: RFAR Publishing
ASIN: B0062A11W8
To catch a murderer, a VR Officer and a Presidential Aide must risk their own minds... and their lives.
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About the Book

After the brutal murder of five families, Virtual Reality Officer Max Grainger races to stop the killer.

Without evidence, Grainger’s virtual recreations of the murders are guesses at best and no help. When he stumbles across the dream recreations of Presidential aide Janine Sanders the similarities to the killings shock him.

What’s the link between this woman’s nightmares and the murders? Will Grainger be able to find out before his own VR-inspired seizures drive him into madness?

Or death?

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