The Soul Within

The Soul Within

Series: Long Fiction, Book 0
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: crime, mystery, science fiction
Publisher: RFAR Publishing
ASIN: B00956130G
To stop an alien murderer, a forensic pathologist joins forces with alien hunters to uncover a web of lies that threaten the planet.
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About the Book

Chasing a horrific murderer who leaves sliced up bodies behind, pathologist Duncan McCray finds himself fighting the system to catch the killer.

When he meets the mysterious Kaya and her brother Kellen, they bring with them a secret that shatters McCray’s world and exposes a conspiracy that threatens the planet.

Can McCray trust his own developing feelings for Kaya? Can he expose the truth before another vicious murder?

Is he willing to pay the cost, no matter how high?

Even if it means his life?

Or his soul?

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