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Ella Saves the World in Sins of the Father bundle

Ella Saves the World in the Sins of the Father BundleAnother day, another cool bundle! Sins of the Father has a different take on the superhero story. Check out what curator Blaze Ward has to say about this bundle:

Time passes. Teenage sidekicks grow up. Heroes and villains settle down and start families.

The bundle will be themed around the next generation of kids taking over the family superhero/villain business. Stories about people in masks and how they interact with the youngsters coming along, rather than just inter-generational family drama. Superheroes make everything crazier.

Does the hero retire gracefully and let the teen sidekick take over the name and costume? Did the children of a supervillain join the family business, or become heroes and work to thwart their own parental units?

I’m thrilled to have my story Ella Saves the World included in this bundle. As is my usual way, my story takes the superhero idea and twists it on its ear. Don’t believe me? How about this:

Growing up normal in a world of super heroes sucks; Ella knows from personal experience. When everyone else can fly, lift cars or walk through walls, how can a normal girl fit in? But when something threatens to destroy all the super powers, leaving all the super heroes powerless, it’s up to normal Ella to save the day!

So if you’re in the mood for superheroes and want something a little different, check out the Sins of the Father bundle now available on Bundlerabbit and at other fine retailers!