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Very Merry Christmas Bundle Author Spotlight: Irette Y. Patterson


Irette Y. Patterson

Irette Y. Patterson writes stories about families – those we are born into and those we create for ourselves. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, her stories have appeared in the Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds and Fiction River: Fantasy Adrift anthologies as well as on the website of The Saturday Evening Post. She is a Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA) alum – the nation’s only multi-genre workshop for writers of color. 

You can find her online at http://www.iretteypatterson.com.

worth-irette-y-pattersonThe Story: Worth

A looming job loss sends Dee into cost-cutting mode during the Christmas holidays while her husband is seemingly taking the opposite approach. Can they agree to the worth of holiday traditions during this stressful time?

The author’s Christmas Comments:

My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing the looks on my family members’ faces when they open the gifts I’ve given them. I also enjoy the music because Christmas music is happy and hopeful and takes me right back to my childhood.

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Don’t Read This If You’re Hungry

A collection of six short stories about food, comfort and family:

“A Thanksgiving with Family”  – All Sandra wanted was a nice, Thanksgiving away from her country family with her new, sophisticated friends. When her cousin Ree Ree shows up unexpectedly, Sandra finds herself trying to reconcile how she grew up to the person she wants to be.

“Meet the Parents” – Marcus wants to put his best foot forward when meeting his girlfriend’s parents. But can he do that while still being himself?

“Faith and Margaritas” – What’s the difference between saying you have a belief in a better future and real faith? After being stood up by a first date, Rochelle is about to find out.

“Chicken” –   Shy Celina is building up her courage at her favorite diner to attend a new language learning group. When her carefully made plans are interrupted, does she have the courage to take advantage of the unexpected?

“Being Real” –   Aspiring writer Michelle is stunned by the terms in her first publishing contract. But won’t turning it down mean she isn’t a real artist?

“True Calling” –  Urban witch Cat’s plan to throw a surprise birthday party for her workplace crush might be ruined when she can’t find a cake. Her family has warned her against using her hearth magic for her own benefit, but what can be the harm?

“True Calling” was previously published in the Fiction River: Unnatural Worlds short story anthology.