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Very Merry Christmas Bundle Author Spotlight: Russell Martin


Russell Martin

Russell Martin is a Toronto author and a voracious reader of science fiction and mysteries. His work has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, the McGill Daily, the Trinity Review, and Millennium Science Fiction. He is currently working on a contemporary space-opera novel. He has also written in the genres of military SF, horror, cozy mystery and hard-boiled detection, as well as reviewing books and movies. When not writing or reading, he enjoys craft beer, hard bop jazz and not playing for the Toronto Blue Jays. Visit his website at http://russellmartin61.wixsite.com/home.

christmas-on-a-hot-planet-russell-martinThe Story: Christmas on a Hot Planet

Life was hard on the colony planet Arroyo, especially for a pastor trying to keep his church going… by means both legal and illegal. If Reverend Cooper wanted to live to preach his Christmas sermon, he’d have to evade the clutches of a ruthless tycoon — and an adorable, mind-controlling alien!

The author’s Christmas Comments:

1. Family!  I am blessed with amazing people to get together with at Christmas.  2. Trading Places! Nothing puts me in the holiday mood like seeing Billy Ray and Lewis utterly ruin the Duke brothers.  3. Fruitcake!  I know the stuff has a bad reputation, but what a lot of fruitcake-haters hate are those pale, lifeless abominations, undeserving of the name, that you see in supermarkets.  A properly made fruitcake (i.e. with bourbon or rum, and don’t be stingy) is a joy.  4. Snow!  I’ m not a big fan of the stuff, but I do feel cheated if there isn’t a thick blanket of it onDecember 25.  5. Boxing Day!  For some a chance to shop, for me a chance to unwind (and eat turkey sandwiches) before going back to work on December 27.  Having it as a day off is one of the great things about living in Canada.

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