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The Mysterious Gift: Cecelia’s Gift – Bonnie Elizabeth

Very Mysterious Christmas Bundle

Cecelia's Gift - Bonnie ElizabethThe Mysterious Gift: Cecelia’s Gift

Cecelia Song learns her credit card has been stolen. 

Later, she realizes the bank gave her a clue. The questionable purchases happened in stores catering to children.

Cecelia decides justice won’t be done unless she finds the thief, so she sets out to do just that in typical Cecelia Song fashion. After all, can a thief who purchases items for children at Christmas be all bad?

Cozy mystery lovers will enjoy the ride in this short story featuring massage therapist (and sometime acupuncturist) Cecelia Song.

The Giver: Bonnie Elizabeth

Bonnie Elizabeth started writing fiction when she was eight years old. Fortunately that manuscript has long since been lost. In between a variety of odd jobs, including working as an acupuncturist, Bonnie wrote articles about acupuncture and the business of being an acupuncturist for a variety of acupuncture journals. She also blogged as her cat while transitioning to her real love of fiction writing. She writes the Whisper series, which begins with Whisper Bound and has a number of other fantasy, urban fantasy and mystery projects in the works.

Find her at: http://www.bonnieelizabeth.com.


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