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The Mysterious Gift: The Case of the Missing Elf – Annie Reed

Very Mysterious Christmas Bundle

The Case of the Missing Elf - Annie ReedThe Mysterious Gift: The Case of the Missing Elf

Christmas comes early for private investigator Dee and her partner, the grumpy but drop-dead gorgeous elf Diz, when Santa’s elves hire Diz and Dee to find Santa’s missing stand in.

Santa’s taken a sabbatical, and only one elf at the North Pole can fill the big man’s shoes.

An elf who’d rather make his mark in the real world than spend one more holiday in Santa’s sleigh.

The Giver: Annie Reed

Award-winning editor and writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch calls Annie Reed “one of the best writers I’ve come across in years.”

In addition to appearing in numerous issues of Fiction River, Annie’s short fiction also appears regularly in the ground-breaking Uncollected Anthology series, stories written quarterly on the same theme, and in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. Annie’s also thrilled to be a part of the upcoming relaunch of Pulphouse magazine.

Her latest work includes the urban fantasy novella Unbroken Familiar and her superhero short novel Faster, which is included in Hiding Behind the Cowl. Her longer works include the private eye novels Pretty Little Horses and Paper Bullets, the mystery novels A Death in Cumberland and the upcoming Missing in Cumberland, and the suspense novel Shadow Life, written under the pen name Kris Sparks.

Find her at https://anniereed.wordpress.com/.


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