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The Night Killers in the Fear Bundle!

Cover of The Night KillersAs you can probably tell from my most recent posts, October is my favourite time of year! The air is getting a chill, the leaves are turning colours, the air smells rich and crisp, and horror stories abound. I love the tickle of fear in my throat, the shivers running up my back.

And I especially love to help cause it!

I am thrilled to announce the new bundle from Storybundle, the Fear Bundle which includes my horror novel, The Night Killers. Now for a terrifyingly low price, you can get my novel and nine other books for a minimum of $15. That’s crazy!

You can grab some scary tales and also donate a portion to the American Red Cross Puerto Rico Relief. (Seeing that my novel is about vampires, supporting the American Red Cross is a great idea!)

Head on over to Storybundle and snag yourself a copy of this bundle here: https://storybundle.com/fear.

It’s available for a very limited time, just like the best of October. So grab your copy today, before the leaves fall from the trees, or the vampires come to get you.

The Fear Bundle