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Jun 162017

To Each Her Own ebook coverMore hot summer bundle news! My story To Each Her Own is now appearing in the Beneath the Waves Bundle! It’s another story in the Crossroad City Tales and here’s the blurb:

Lead detective Maeve Hemlock arrives at a crime scene at the banks of the Incantation River to find the remains of a human liver containing magic residue.

What creature would kill and leave a liver behind?

To save a colleague’s career, Maeve must find a magical killer loose in Crossroad City before he can kill again.

Urban fantasy with an edge, the stories of Crossroad City weave tales where magic and the normal world collide. Where detective Maeve Hemlock and the Spells and Misdemeanours Bureau struggle to keep the law and the magic in check to save all.

Now you can snag this bundle of twenty terrific stories for only 99 cents! But act quickly, this sale is only one for a very limited time. Here’s the link on Bundlerabbit.

Cast your net and scoop up this bundle of stories that dive Beneath the Waves.

Beneath the Waves Bundle