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Mar 102017

The Escapist Bundle at Storybundle

One of the cool things with book bundles (other than getting some fabulous reads for amazing prices) is the opportunity to donate to worthy causes.

The cause highlighted by the Escapist Bundle is SMART (Start Making a Reader Today). SMART volunteers help children read, aiming to building a lifelong love of reading. Reading is a fundamental skill not just to enjoy stories and novels like those featured on Storybundle, but as a skill used everywhere and all day long.

Just like reading this article. Or signs on the streets. Or ingredients at the grocery store.

Reading makes life easier, and fun.

SMART is the way to get there. And you can help when you buy the Escapist Bundle.

Hurry! The countdown is on! Only six days left to escape with the Escapist Bundle and help SMART!

Happy reading!