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Trick(s) or Treat: The Hallow Man / The Visit – Rebecca M. Senese

On Hallow's Eve Bundle

The Hallow Man - Rebecca M. SeneseThe Trick 1: The Hallow Man

As a child, Monica’s grandmother warned her of the Hallow Man. Every Halloween he demands a sacrifice, sometimes big, sometimes small. One night he comes for Monica and she begs him to pass her by. He does, but extracting a terrible price. Now the Hallow Man is coming again and this time Monica can’t imagine what she’ll have to pay.

And pay.

The Visit - Rebecca M. SeneseThe Trick 2: The Visit

Even at ten, Anna thought herself braver than the other kids. Even during the run up to Halloween.

But when Marshall, the school’s pushy bully, challenges her to visit the old Hawthorn manner, how can she say no? So up the stairs she goes. Ignoring the chill in the air. The warning from her friend. The threat of the ghosts or monsters that might lurk behind the old door.

Anna must brave the darkness inside and come back with proof. Or not come back at all.

A creepy horror story of a brave girl and her willingness to pay The Visit. Beware of the old house on the street.

The Treat: Rebecca M. Senese

Based in Toronto, Canada, Rebecca M. Senese writes horror, science fiction and mystery/crime, often all at once in the same story. Garnering an Honorable Mention in “The Year’s Best Science Fiction” and nominated for numerous Aurora Awards, her work has appeared in Fiction River: Visions of the Apocalypse, Fiction River: Sparks, Fiction River: Recycled Pulp, Tesseracts 16: Parnassus Unbound, Imaginarium 2012, Tesseracts 15: A Case of Quite Curious Tales, Ride the Moon, TransVersions, Deadbolt Magazine, On Spec, The Vampire’s Crypt, Storyteller, Reflection’s Edge, Future Syndicate and Into the Darkness, among others.


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