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BOLO: David H. Hendrickson – The Beautiful People

David H. Hendrickson

David H. Hendrickson’s first novel, Cracking the Ice, was praised by Booklist as “a gripping account of a courageous young man rising above evil.” He has since published four additional novels, including Offside, which has been adopted for high school student required reading, and is set in the same tumultuous sixties as Cracking the Ice.

His short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and numerous anthologies, including multiple issues of Fiction Fiver and Fiction River Presents.

Hendrickson has published over fifteen hundred works of nonfiction, and has been honored with the Joe Concannon Hockey East Media Award and the Scarlet Quill Award for his college hockey writing. During the season, half a million readers visit uscho.com where his work is featured.

Visit him online at www.hendricksonwriter.com.

The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People coverEverything comes easy for Lisey, one of the Beautiful People. Pearly-white teeth. Long, flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. Borderline anorexic and with all the brains and wit of a gob of spit. And filled with total disdain for the uglies.

Until trouble finds Lisey, and she needs help from the ugliest of the uglies.

“David H. Hendrickson is one of my favorite writers.”

— USA Today bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch