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Baby, It’s Deadly Outside

Summer: Not the best season for a North Pole boy. Hot and sticky, with an extra helping of muggy heat.

But when a friend’s nephew, Robbie, calls about a disappearance at his arts camp, private detective Noel Kringle heads off to summer camp to investigate.

Because not only did a boy disappear. No one remembers him. Not the counsellors. Not the other boys.

Just Robbie.

Leaving Noel with questions and no answers. And a lingering dread that not even the bright summer sun dissipates.

Mystery with a dash of fantasy, Noel Kringle mixes Christmas and sleuthing in a tale of magic and suspense.

The Noel Kringle Chronicles (reading order)

  1. Santa Claus: Private Detective
  2. Santa Must Die!
  3. The Claus Connection
  4. The Twelve Deaths of Christmas
  5. Baby, It’s Deadly Outside
  6. Do You Fear What I Fear