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The Mysterious Gift: Christmas at Glosser’s – Robert Jeschonek

Very Mysterious Christmas Bundle

Christmas at Glosser's - Robert JeschonekThe Mysterious Gift: Christmas at Glosser’s

Step back in time to Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1975. Shoppers fill the downtown streets, bustling between the Glosser Bros. and Penn Traffic department stores…and one little boy runs through the crowd on a mission. Eleven-year-old Jack wants one thing for Christmas: to find out where his grandfather, Bub, runs off to every Christmas Eve. The trail leads him on a journey through Glosser Bros. at its most magical, but the magic takes an unexpected turn when he discovers Bub’s secret. Before the night is over, Jack must take a stand in the name of Johnstown, a stand that could cost him everything…or bring him the greatest gift he can imagine.


“A great story based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania with a twist you won’t see coming. That’s what I liked about it most, it wasn’t the expected.”

Becky Buchko, Amazon.com

The Giver: Robert Jeschonek

Author Robert Jeschonek grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and spent many happy hours in the Glosser Bros. and Penn Traffic Department Stores in downtown Johnstown, Westmont, and the Richland Mall. Since then, he has gone on to write lots of books and stories, including Long Live Glosser’sChristmas at Glosser’sEaster at Glosser’sFear of Rain, and Death By Polka (which are all set in and around Johnstown). He’s written a lot of other cool stuff, too, including Star Trek and Doctor Who fiction and Batman comics. His young adult fantasy novel, My Favorite Band Does Not Exist, won a Forward National Literature Award and was named a top ten first novel for youth by Booklist magazine. His work has been published around the world in over a hundred books, e-books, and audio books.

You can find out more about them at his website, www.thefictioneer.com, or by looking up his name on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. As you’ll see, he’s kind of crazy…in a good way.


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