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Trick or Treat: Tricky Treats – Mark Leslie

On Hallow's Eve Bundle

Tricky Treats - Mark LeslieThe Trick: Tricky Treats (Three Halloween Stories)

As the fall brings a chill to the air, escape inside near a warm fire and enjoy a different type of chill. Tricky Treats collects three previously published Halloween stories by Mark Leslie that feature strange unworldly visitors who show up on All Hallow’s Eve to unleash eerie new chills onto the world.

On a single night of the year, the dead are allowed to leave their graves and roam around. But one recently departed man yearns to visit his best friend and share a little bit about what he has learned about the afterlife.

Poor Percy made a promise to his dying wife that he wouldn’t bury his wife after she died, but would keep her body in the bed upstairs. This makes him the creepy old guy down the street that neighborhood kids love to play pranks on. At least, that’s who Percy thinks is stalking around outside his house one Halloween.

Danny Kleinner, a lonely twenty-something, has a run-in with Satan at a modern day crossroads (a city convenience store) one fateful evening on the last day of October.


The Treat: Mark Leslie

Writer, Editor, Bookseller, Book Nerd.

Mark Leslie is a Canadian author of horror, thrillers, speculative fiction and a series of non-fiction explorations of the paranormal. He says that he writes stories from the “dark side” as a way of dealing with the fact that he is afraid of the dark and of the monster under his bed.

When he is not writing, reading or hiding from the monsters he is convinced lurk in every shadow, he can be found haunting bookish locales like bookstores and libraries.

Find him at http://www.markleslie.ca.


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